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Economic Devastation Grips Sudan Amidst War

The once vibrant economy of Sudan has been decimated by 10 months of internal conflict, plunging the nation into a dire economic crisis. Industries like agriculture, which previously contributed significantly to the GDP and provided employment to the majority of the rural workforce, have been severely affected, with over 60% of agricultural land rendered unusable due to the war. The destruction of infrastructure, looting of businesses and food stocks, and the collapse of banking services have further exacerbated the situation.

Despite efforts by the government to stabilize the currency exchange rate, the economy continues to suffer, with trade plummeting by 23% in the past year alone. The World Bank has warned that the destruction wrought upon Sudan’s economic foundations has set back the country’s development by several decades, with millions facing food insecurity and the looming threat of famine. As the conflict persists, the road to economic recovery appears increasingly challenging, with reconstruction efforts expected to span many years even after hostilities cease.