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Efforts Renewed: CMDA’s Tender for Waste Management at Koyambedu Market

In a bid to address the mounting waste issue at the Koyambedu Wholesale Market Complex, the CMDA has initiated a fresh tender for waste collection and transportation. With the complex generating a staggering 90 tonnes of waste daily, the tender targets efficient management across its diverse areas, encompassing markets for flowers, fruits, vegetables, and food grains.

The approximate value of the project, standing at ₹8.53 crore, highlights the substantial investment in waste management infrastructure. Interested parties must adhere to the online bidding process, open from February 14 to 20, indicating a transparent and competitive procurement approach. Despite previous setbacks, including the closure of a bio-methanation plant due to maintenance issues, the current tender underscores renewed efforts towards sustainable waste management solutions in Chennai.