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Revisiting Vending Zones: Chennai Corporation’s Effort for Inclusive Regulation

Amidst deliberations on vending zones, the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) is recalibrating its approach to accommodate the concerns of various stakeholders. GCC Commissioner J. Radhakrishnan emphasized the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives from the Town Vending Committee, aiming for a more comprehensive understanding of the issue at hand.

Despite prior efforts, discussions have been characterized by individual grievances, prompting the need for a fresh examination of potential vending areas. The lack of consensus among committee members has led to delays in regulatory actions across the city’s 15 zones.

Residents are urging swift action to finalize vending zones and regulate street vendors, while traders advocate for preserving traditional vending spaces like NSC Bose Road, highlighting the complexities involved in balancing urban development with local livelihoods.