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Elevating Kozhikode’s Tech Profile: Kerala Technology Expo Unveils Potential

Kozhikode’s status as an emerging IT hub took center stage as the first edition of the Kerala Technology Expo (KTX) 2024 commenced at the Calicut Trade Centre. Minister P. A. Mohamed Riyas inaugurated the three-day event, emphasizing the city’s transformation into a tech destination through innovative tourism projects. With a turnout of approximately 3,000 attendees, the inaugural day featured exclusive sessions on technological innovations, digital transformation, and emerging trends in digital payments.

Ajayan K. Anat, chairman of CITI, highlighted Kozhikode’s multidimensional growth trajectory, positioning it as both an aspirational hub and an investment destination for emerging technologies. The expo, encapsulating Kozhikode’s journey from the spice trade to tech triumph, showcased 121 stalls representing 142 companies across key sectors like robotics, AI, metaverse, and virtual reality, underscoring the city’s technological prowess on a global stage.