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Escalation in Middle East: Rising Tensions Between Israel and Hezbollah-Affiliated Sites

Since the onset of the Gaza war on October 7, Israel has intensified its attacks on Syrian military sites linked to Lebanon’s Hezbollah, resulting in a toll of at least 36 lives, as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The casualties include Syrian soldiers, Hezbollah militants, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, civilians, and a pro-government fighter.

Israel conducted 33 airstrikes during this period, targeting 48 sites such as weapon depots and vehicles. Notably, Aleppo International Airport and Damascus International Airport bore the brunt of the attacks, with the former rendered unusable and the latter experiencing temporary suspensions. The intensified Israeli strikes bring the total to 66 since the beginning of 2023, causing significant destruction and claiming the lives of 114 military personnel while injuring 130 others in Syria.

Concurrently, pro-Iran militias retaliated against perceived U.S. support for Israel in Gaza, escalating attacks on American military bases in eastern Syria. This has prompted the U.S. to respond by conducting military exercises and reinforcing its troops in the region. The situation reflects a concerning escalation with potential implications for regional stability.