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Freezing Temperatures in Northern China Trigger Alert

China has issued a low-temperature alert as freezing temperatures are expected in various regions, potentially reaching historic lows. President Xi Jinping has called for “all-out efforts in emergency response” to ensure safety. The alert comes after the first snowfall in Beijing led to delays in public transport, flight cancellations, and a metro collision.

The cold wave is forecasted to affect a significant part of China until December 19, with some areas, especially in the north and along the Yellow River and Huaihe River, possibly experiencing record lows. Tourists at the Great Wall in Beijing experienced biting winds as they explored the snow-covered monument. Unusually cold weather is anticipated in other regions, with temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius or lower expected in parts of Guizhou Province.

President Xi emphasized the need for close attention to disaster prevention and relief efforts in light of the high disaster risks associated with the impending cold spell.