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French Daredevil ‘Remi Enigma’ Dies in Tragic Fall from Hong Kong Skyscraper

Remi Lucidi, a 30-year-old daredevil from France, known by his alias ‘Remi Enigma’ on social media for his daring tower climbs, tragically lost his life after falling 721 ft from the top of a 68-story skyscraper in Hong Kong. The incident occurred at the Tregunter Tower, a residential block in the upscale Mid-Levels area of Hong Kong.

According to reports, Lucidi had successfully reached the 68th floor of the towering structure before the fatal fall took place. A maid reportedly witnessed him knocking on the windows of the penthouse, seemingly seeking assistance to get back inside the building, but the accident happened too swiftly for any intervention.

On the day of the tragedy, July 27, Lucidi arrived at the tower around 7:30 p.m. Surveillance footage from the building captured his movements, showing him exiting the elevator on the 49th floor and subsequently using the stairs to reach the pinnacle on the 68th level.