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Friend’s Alleged Payment for Murder of Bangladesh MP

The investigation into the murder of Bangladesh MP Anwarul Azim Anar has uncovered shocking details, revealing that one of his friends purportedly paid around ₹5 crore to orchestrate his killing. Anar, who had been missing since May 13 in Kolkata, was tragically found murdered, leading to the arrest of three individuals.

The West Bengal Police, aided by the State CID, is delving into the case. The alleged payment, facilitated by an old friend of the MP, reportedly a U.S. national and flat owner in Kolkata, underscores the meticulous planning behind the crime. Despite the ongoing forensic examination of the suspected crime scene, Anar’s body is yet to be recovered. The search was initiated six days after his disappearance, sparked by a complaint filed by a local acquaintance upon noticing Anar’s sudden absence.