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Gaza Faces Electricity Shortage as Authorities Warn of Shutdown

Authorities in Gaza have issued a warning that the supply of electricity in the region will cease entirely within hours. The halt in electricity supply comes in retaliation for an attack by Hamas on October 7. The Israeli Defense Minister ordered a “complete siege” on Gaza, including the suspension of electricity, food, water, and fuel supplies.

The Hamas-controlled government in Gaza stated that all essential services rely on electricity, and they won’t be able to partially operate them with generators due to the interruption in fuel supplies through the Rafah gate. The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has been forced to close all its food distribution centers in Gaza, impacting over half a million people receiving vital food aid. Gaza has been under a strict blockade for nearly 17 years, which has exacerbated living conditions for its 2 million residents, with over half the population living in poverty.