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Global Coal Miners Face Potential Job Losses Due to Shift Towards Renewables

Coal miners worldwide are at risk of job layoffs as coal mines close and the energy market shifts toward cheaper wind and solar power generation. A report from Global Energy Monitor reveals that an average of 100 workers per day could face potential unemployment by 2035. The report analyzed data from 4,300 active and proposed coal mines and projects worldwide, responsible for over 90% of global coal production.

It is estimated that the coal industry could shed nearly half a million jobs in the mining sector by 2035. The majority of these job losses are expected in Asia, with China and India facing the most significant impact. China alone employs over 1.5 million coal miners who produce the majority of the country’s coal. State-owned Coal India is projected to have the most potential layoffs, with 73,800 direct workers at risk by 2050.