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Green Oasis Amidst Urban Bustle: Chennai Crocodile Bank’s Botanical Diversity

Amidst the renowned collection of crocodile species at the Chennai Crocodile Bank Trust and Centre for Herpetology lies a verdant sanctuary boasting a diverse array of botanical wonders. Founded in 1976 with a mission to conserve India’s crocodilian populations, the Crocodile Bank now stands as a haven not only for reptiles but also for lush greenery and avian biodiversity.

With over 15 different kinds of crocodiles and numerous other reptiles, the sanctuary’s dense green patches provide a tranquil retreat for visitors, shielded from the scorching Chennai sun. Complementing the conservation efforts is the preservation of botanical diversity, with an impressive collection of trees, shrubs, and climbers, serving as both a refuge for wildlife and a source of solace for human visitors.

Additionally, the sanctuary’s water ponds and towering trees have attracted nearly 70 bird species, further enhancing its reputation as a haven for nature enthusiasts amidst the bustling urban landscape. Yet, despite its tranquil allure, the sanctuary faces challenges from surrounding noise pollution, highlighting the delicate balance between urban development and conservation efforts in safeguarding such green oases.