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Haridwar Priest Finds Home in Kerala Temple

Sankar Datt Panaru, a 21-year-old priest trained in the Kashmiri tantric tradition, embarked on a journey from Haridwar to Kerala in 2014 in search of a priest from Thriprayar, Thrissur. With his roots in the Himalayas, Panaru, having received tantric education in Ludhiana and Vedic training in Haridwar, sought steady employment, which led him to Kerala.

His determination to meet the Kerala priest who frequented Haridwar brought him to the Painkannikkavu Sreekrishna Temple. Starving and with minimal funds, Panaru reached Thrissur after a three-day train journey. Despite challenges, he met the priest and found a home at the temple. Over the past decade, he has become well-versed in Kerala’s tantric rituals, serving as a trusted aide to the Tantri of the Painkannikkavu Sreekrishna Temple.