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Heavy Overnight Rains Alleviate Tamil Nadu’s Seasonal Rain Deficit

The recent heavy downpour in Tamil Nadu, particularly in coastal districts, has significantly reduced the seasonal rain deficit this monsoon season. The state, grappling with a 17% rainfall deficit a few days ago, has now seen a gradual decrease to 13%, with a total rainfall of 24.1 cm against the normal share of 27.6 cm since October 1.

The overnight rains, registering the highest at 12 cm in the DGP office, have contributed to improved water storage in irrigation tanks. About 1,072 water bodies have reached their capacity, and an additional 3,103 tanks have more than half of their storage capacity. While the weather system is set to intensify into a deep depression, moderate rain with thunderstorms and lightning is expected in Chennai and scattered rains across Tamil Nadu until November 21, providing further relief to the region.