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Historic Inclusion: Women Soldiers Join IDF Ground Operations in Gaza

In a historic move, women soldiers from the Shachar Battalion have joined the combing and rescue operations in Gaza, marking the first time female combat soldiers have been involved since the Israeli military launched its ground offensive on October 27. The Shachar Battalion, part of the Home Front Command’s Search and Rescue Brigade, is a mixed-gender unit that is actively participating in operations led by forces on the field. Lt Col Yarden, the commanding officer of the battalion, emphasized the unit’s commitment to achieving victory and stated that they are organized and prepared for the challenging tasks.

The Shachar Battalion plays a crucial role in supporting the maneuvering of the 162 Division forces and is primarily focused on aiding brigades and battalions in breaching buildings and serving as a critical rescue force when necessary.

The Search and Rescue Brigade, under the command of Col. Elad Edri, highlighted the capabilities of the male and female soldiers in breaching walls, ceilings, and complex structures, underscoring their readiness to stay in the Gaza Strip for the duration of the conflict.