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Hong Kong Aims to Revive Tourism from India, Targets Pre-COVID Levels

Hong Kong is setting ambitious goals to rejuvenate its tourism industry, particularly targeting visitors from India. With 45 weekly flights between Hong Kong and India, including those operated by carriers like Cathay Pacific, Air India, Vistara, and IndiGo, the tourism promotion body aims to double the 2023 arrivals from India of 2.08 lakh visitors. Despite challenges, including a 53% decrease in Indian arrivals compared to 2018, the city hopes to surpass pre-COVID levels.

Offering visa-free entry and pre-arrival registration for Indian passport holders, Hong Kong emphasizes its appeal as a convenient and accessible destination. The tourism board plans to bolster its image through rebranding initiatives, along with attracting repeat visitors through mega events, festivals, and unique travel experiences like “fly-cruise” packages. Additionally, focusing on MICE tourism and expanding connectivity to the Greater Bay Area underscores Hong Kong’s commitment to providing diverse and attractive options for Indian travelers seeking multi-destination experiences.