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International Concerns Mount Over Death of Indian Farmer in Protest Crackdown

The death of farmer Shubhkaran Singh during a protest crackdown at the Khanauri border between Punjab and Haryana has sparked international concern, drawing attention from an Indian-origin British MP and Amnesty International. Labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi highlighted the safety concerns of protesting farmers, citing the fatal bullet wound suffered by Singh and injuries sustained by others.

This incident follows reported admissions by Twitter of blocking accounts linked to the protest, raising questions about freedom of expression. Penny Mordaunt, Leader of the House of Commons, acknowledged the seriousness of the situation, emphasizing the government’s support for the right to protest safely. Meanwhile, Amnesty International India called for an impartial investigation into Singh’s death, denouncing it as a result of a “ruthless crackdown.”

As protests continue, there are calls for authorities to ensure peaceful assembly rights are respected and protected, with the focus on preventing further harm or fatalities among protesters.