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Honour Killing in Karnataka: Father Kills Daughter Over Inter-Caste Relationship

A tragic incident unfolded in Karnataka as a man killed his 20-year-old daughter, Kavana, allegedly because she was in a relationship with a boy from a different caste. The accused, Manjunath, reportedly became furious upon learning of his daughter’s relationship, and his anger intensified when he found out about the inter-caste aspect. Despite warning Kavana to end the relationship, she persisted, leading to a heated argument between them on Wednesday night. In a fit of rage, Manjunath allegedly slit Kavana’s throat with a knife and stabbed her multiple times on her legs and hands.

The accused subsequently surrendered himself at the Vishwanathapura police station. This horrific incident follows two honor killings in Kolar district last month and reflects deeply rooted issues tied to the caste system and social customs. Karnataka’s Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, pledged legal action against honor killings and vowed to ensure thorough investigations in such cases.