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Horrific Crime Unfolds: Businessman Robbed, Wife Gang-Raped in Bijnor District

In a shocking incident in Bijnor district, a businessman’s house became the scene of a heinous crime as he was allegedly robbed, and his wife subjected to gang rape by a group of five men. The robbery occurred when the businessman, accompanied by his mother and two children, was out visiting a doctor. The perpetrators, who entered the house, reportedly tied up the businessman’s wife, gang-raped her, and inflicted further brutality by burning her with cigarette butts.

The assailants also consumed alcohol during the crime and made off with significant valuables, including gold jewelry, 2 kg of silver items, Rs 1.5 lakh in cash, a scooter, and an LED TV. The businessman claimed a previous robbery on October 19, expressing frustration with the police’s initial reluctance to register a complaint.

After media attention, a case has been filed, and the Station In-Charge has been sent to the lines for alleged negligence in handling the October 19 incident. The Superintendent of Police has ensured that necessary action will be taken against the perpetrators under relevant sections related to gang-rape and robbery.