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Assam Police Bust International Cyber Fraud Racket in Guwahati

Assam Police have dismantled an international cyber fraud racket in Guwahati, resulting in the arrest of at least five individuals. The police conducted raids on city-based call centers and fake customer care centers, detaining 191 workers, including 144 men and 47 women from various states in India. Among the arrested suspects are Deyajyoti Dey, Rajan Sidana, and Divyam Arora, while two masterminds who attempted to flee Guwahati were captured in Barpeta district.

During the raids, law enforcement seized 164 desktop computers, 90 laptops, 26 mobile phones, and other electronic devices. The cyber fraud gang is suspected of scamming millions of rupees from victims by posing as legitimate customer service representatives and tricking them into revealing personal information or transferring money. An investigation is ongoing, and authorities advise caution against such scams.