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Indian Americans and Allies Protest in the US Against Ethnic Violence in Manipur

Protests were held in California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts by Indian Americans and allies over the weekend to denounce the ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur, India. The region has witnessed hundreds of fatalities and the displacement of thousands. The demonstrations were triggered by a distressing video that surfaced last week, revealing the horrifying ordeal of two young tribal women who were stripped naked and molested by a group of men amid the violence.

In California, Indian-Americans and supporters gathered at Oakland City Hall for a protest organized by advocacy groups like the North American Manipur Tribal Association (NAMTA), Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), and Ambedkar King Study Circle.

Founding member of NAMTA, Niang Hangzo, conveyed the devastating impact of the violence, describing how families have been driven from their homes, properties destroyed, and lives shattered by acts of looting, killing, rape, immolation, and beheading. The demonstrators demanded an end to the violence and justice for the victims.