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Indian Bison Population Thrives in Papikonda National Park

A recent scientific survey conducted over three months by Forest Department officials, utilizing camera traps and foot patrolling, has revealed a robust population of Indian Bison, also known as gaur, in the Papikonda National Park and nearby forests. The survey estimates a total of 375 bisons, including calves, inhabiting the region, with Polavaram recording the highest count at 119, followed by Chintur with 101, Paderu with 84, and Chintapalli with 37 individuals.

Forest Range Officers, Dy. Range Officers, beat officers, guards, and other staff actively participated in the estimation process, employing camera traps and foot patrolling to accurately assess the bison population. The survey covered various forests in the area, including those in Kukunur, Maredumilli, Rajavommangi, Kunavaram, and others.

This survey, undertaken after a long period, highlights the thriving Indian Bison population in the region, contributing to the biodiversity and ecological balance of the Papikonda National Park and surrounding areas.