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International Scam Unraveled: Chennai Police Nab Nigerian Fraudsters

In a significant breakthrough, the Central Crime Branch (CCB) of the Greater Chennai Police (GCP) apprehended two Nigerian nationals residing in New Delhi for defrauding a woman in K.K. Nagar of ₹2.87 crore through a matrimonial website scam. The victim, lured by the promise of marriage, fell prey to the elaborate scheme orchestrated by the accused, who posed as a prospective groom named Alexander Sanchez.

After falsely claiming to send expensive gifts, the fraudsters demanded exorbitant sums for customs clearance, exploiting the victim’s trust. With meticulous investigation, cybercrime police traced the fraudulent transactions across multiple bank accounts, leading to the identification and arrest of the perpetrators. The swift action by law enforcement highlights the ongoing battle against international cybercrime networks, underscoring the importance of vigilance and collaboration in combating such scams.