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Kerala Child Abduction Case: Couple and Daughter Arrested; Motive Under Scrutiny

In a significant development, the Kerala Police has arrested a couple and their daughter in connection with the Kollam child abduction case. The arrested individuals are identified as engineer-turned-businessman K.R. Padmakumar (52), his wife M.R. Anitha Kumari (45), and their 20-year-old daughter P. Anupama.

The police tracked down the suspects in Tamil Nadu and took them into custody. While the motive behind the kidnapping is still under investigation, reports suggest that Padmakumar might have had financial difficulties and sought to raise resources.

The eight-year-old brother of the abducted girl was also present during the incident on November 27. The kidnappers initially demanded Rs 5 lakh, later raising it to Rs 10 lakh. The girl was found abandoned on the ground in Kollam after the ransom demand.