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Madras HC wants Chennai traffic police to explain plans for enforcing lane discipline among motorists

The Madras High Court has directed the Chennai traffic police to present their plans for enforcing lane discipline among motorists in the city. During a hearing, the Court expressed its belief that it should not be challenging to enforce lane discipline since a significant portion of Chennai is under CCTV surveillance.

The Court suggested that the police could easily identify and penalize violators using the available surveillance footage. State Government Pleader P. Muthkumar was instructed to provide details on how the traffic police intend to implement and monitor lane discipline effectively. This move is aimed at improving road safety and reducing traffic congestion by promoting organized and disciplined driving practices.

The Court’s focus on CCTV surveillance highlights the potential use of technology in enforcing traffic rules and ensuring compliance among motorists. It is expected that the response from the traffic police will outline their specific strategies and measures to enhance lane discipline in Chennai.