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Miraculous Escape by 47 Kids after hospital caught fire in Jaipur

A harrowing incident occurred at the JK Lon Hospital in Jaipur, Rajasthan, as a fire broke out in the ICU, which is the largest hospital for children run by the state government. Thankfully, all forty-seven children in the ICU made a miraculous escape from the smoke-filled area.

When the smoke from the AC duct line surrounded the children late on Monday night, parents and hospital staff rushed to their aid and safely evacuated them. To alleviate the situation, window panes were broken to let the smoke out, and the power supply in the ICU was switched off.

Rescuers diligently used mobile lights to ensure no child was left behind or stuck in the affected section. While some children were on oxygen and others had drips, all were successfully rescued. The incident prompted a thorough investigation ordered by T. Ravikanth, the medical education principal secretary, to determine the cause of the fire and prevent similar occurrences in the future.