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Multinational Response to North Korea’s Satellite Launch: Sanctions Imposed by South Korea, US, Japan, and Australia

In a coordinated effort, South Korea, the US, Japan, and Australia have imposed sanctions on North Korea in response to its recent military spy satellite launch. South Korea unilaterally sanctioned 11 individuals involved in satellite and ballistic missile development, including figures from the National Aerospace Technology Administration and the Korean People’s Army.

Simultaneously, the US, Japan, and Australia released their own sanctions, marking the first instance of these four countries imposing punitive measures on North Korea simultaneously. The US Treasury Department specifically targeted Kimsuky, a North Korean cyber espionage group, along with eight foreign-based agents linked to Pyongyang’s satellite launch.

North Korea is prohibited from ballistic missile launches under multiple UN Security Council resolutions. This joint move by the four nations underscores a unified stance against North Korea’s actions, emphasizing the international community’s commitment to curbing Pyongyang’s provocative activities. South Korea’s latest sanctions, the 13th under President Yoon Suk Yeol, bring the total number of sanctioned North Korean individuals and institutions to 75 and 53, respectively.