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North Korea Strengthens Nuclear Force in Constitution Amid Concerns Over Trilateral Security Cooperation

North Korea has officially incorporated the policy of strengthening its nuclear force into its constitution during a parliamentary meeting attended by leader Kim Jong-un. The decision, made at the ninth session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly, supplements Article 58 of Chapter 4 of the Socialist Constitution. The move aims to secure the country’s right to existence and development while rapidly advancing its nuclear weapons to higher levels as a means of deterring war and safeguarding regional and global peace.

Kim emphasized the need to bolster the nuclear arsenal exponentially, diversify nuclear strike capabilities, and enhance solidarity with countries opposing the United States. This development comes amid concerns over trilateral security cooperation between South Korea, the US, and Japan, which North Korea views as a significant threat. Kim recently traveled to Russia for talks with Vladimir Putin, raising concerns about potential arms deals between the two nations.