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Oil Spill After Texas Barge Collision Raises Environmental Concerns

An estimated 2,000 gallons of oil spilled into surrounding waters near Galveston, Texas, after a barge carrying fuel broke free from a tugboat and collided with a bridge, causing partial collapse and disruption of vital road connections, the U.S. Coast Guard reported. Although initial cleanup efforts have not identified any impacted wildlife, concerns remain about the environmental impact of the spill.

While the barge had a capacity for 30,000 barrels of oil, approximately 1,60,000 gallons were compromised in the crash, according to Rick Freed, the vice-president of barge operator Martin Marine. The Coast Guard has deployed containment booms and recovered significant amounts of oil from the water and the barge’s surface. Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the barge’s detachment from the tugboat, while authorities work to mitigate the spill’s impact on the region’s ecology and transportation infrastructure.