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Pakistan Elections 2024: Dueling Claims of Victory Amid Allegations of Rigging

Following the February 8 general elections in Pakistan, both Imran Khan’s PTI and Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N have made competing claims of victory amidst allegations of rigging and electoral malpractice. PTI, led by jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan, asserted its victory, claiming to have won over 150 National Assembly seats based on Form 45 data while accusing the delay in results as a ploy to manipulate outcomes.

Meanwhile, PML-N rejected PTI’s demand to concede defeat and asserted its victory, with party leader Ishaq Dar stating that PML-N emerged as the single largest political party in the National Assembly and holds a clear majority in the Punjab Assembly.

Both parties have raised concerns over the manipulation of election results and alleged irregularities in the counting process, highlighting the contentious nature of the electoral process in Pakistan. As votes continue to be counted amidst allegations of rigging and sporadic violence, the country awaits official complete results from the Election Commission of Pakistan.