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Police Heroics in Chennai Rains: Family Rescued from Overflowing Adyar River

In a daring rescue operation amidst heavy Chennai rains, police officials from the Mangadu station displayed exemplary heroism by saving a family of three from the perilous waters of the overflowing Adyar River. The family, identified as M. Mohammed Rabeek, his wife Rizwan, and their 10-year-old daughter, found themselves stranded in their car on Tharaipakkam Road as the Adyar River overflowed due to water discharge from the Chembarambakkam reservoir.

The family’s cries for help were heard by a vigilant motorist who promptly alerted a police patrol team consisting of Santosh Kumar, Manikandan, Loganathan, and Venkat. Employing a rope, the police team successfully rescued the endangered family from the turbulent river waters at around 10.15 p.m. The relieved family was then safely transported home in an autorickshaw, showcasing the swift and courageous response of the police amidst adverse weather conditions.