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Political Turmoil Surrounds Sanchez’s Investiture in Spain

Spain’s Parliament is in the midst of a second investiture debate for Pedro Sanchez, leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party. Recent agreements between PSOE and other parties are poised to secure 179 votes, exceeding the 176 required for a majority. However, a controversial condition in agreements with Catalan parties—calling for amnesty related to the 2017 Catalan independence referendum—has sparked division.

The People’s Party and Vox vehemently opposed the amnesty, organizing nationwide protests that attracted hundreds of thousands. Protests outside PSOE headquarters turned violent, involving members of Vox and neo-Nazi groups, leading to numerous arrests. Despite Vox’s attempt to halt the debate, the Spanish High Court rejected their plea.

Sanchez addressed the nation, advocating for peace in the Middle East before acknowledging and respecting the opposition’s protests. He emphasized the constitutional importance of elections as the ultimate expression of citizens’ voices. The investiture process unfolds amid a tense political atmosphere, reflecting the deep-seated divisions within Spanish politics.