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Post-Deepavali, Chennai’s Air Quality Declines to ‘Poor’ Category

The Air Quality Index (AQI) in Chennai deteriorated to the ‘poor’ category post-Deepavali, with an overall AQI of 256, according to real-time air quality monitoring data from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). This puts Chennai in the same category as Delhi, which recorded an AQI of 294. The AQI scale categorizes air quality between 0 and 50 as ‘good,’ 51 and 100 as ‘satisfactory,’ 101 and 200 as ‘moderate,’ 201 and 300 as ‘poor,’ 301 and 400 as ‘very poor,’ and 401 and 450 as ‘severe.’

Among the monitoring stations in Chennai, Manali recorded the highest AQI at 329, falling under the ‘very poor’ category. Velachery followed with 322, while other stations recorded AQIs ranging from 237 to 267. The decline in air quality is attributed to post-Deepavali celebrations, despite advisories for limited cracker use during specified hours.