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Promoting Indian Culture Through Documentaries: A Call from Nagaland Governor La. Ganesan

Nagaland Governor La. Ganesan advocates for the integration of Indian cultural documentaries into educational curricula, emphasizing their role in guiding young minds toward a deeper understanding of heritage and values. Speaking at the diamond jubilee celebrations of Krishnaswamy Associates, renowned for their extensive work in documenting Indian history and culture, Ganesan lauds the couple’s dedication and vast contributions.

Echoing his sentiments, former Indian Ambassador T.S. Tirumurti applauds the Krishnaswamys’ commitment to portraying India’s essence. Others, including Dewan to the Prince of Arcot Nawabzada Mohammed Asif Ali and former Vice Chancellor Sudha Seshayyan, endorse the idea of targeting children with such documentaries to counteract the influx of irrelevant information. The event highlights the importance of utilizing documentaries to instill pride and appreciation for Indian culture among younger generations.