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Protest Erupts Near Kilambakkam Bus Terminus Over Bus Operation on Service Road

Tension unfolded near Chennai’s Kilambakkam bus terminus as a group of motorists staged a protest against the operation of long-distance buses on the service road along GST Road. The demonstration, led by parents of students attending a private school situated on the service road, resulted in a halt of State Express Transport Corporation (SETC) buses for over 30 minutes.

Tambaram traffic police intervened to disperse the protesters and ease the traffic disruption. The parents expressed concern about heavy traffic caused by the bus services, as the service road had not been extensively used in previous years. The motorists, avoiding a U-turn at the Vandalur signal, had been driving in the wrong direction on the service road to drop their children at school.

Subsequently, police officials engaged in talks with school authorities and motorists to explore alternate arrangements for a separate entry and exit, aiming to mitigate congestion on the GST Road service lane.