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Putin’s Interview with Tucker Carlson Highlights Russia’s Stance on War and Negotiations

In a more than two-hour interview with conservative talk-show host Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized Russia’s commitment to fighting for its interests “to the end” while stating a lack of interest in expanding the conflict beyond Ukraine’s borders. Putin’s comments, aired on February 8, underscored Russia’s willingness to engage in dialogue but maintained a firm stance on territorial sovereignty.

He expressed openness to negotiating the release of detained U.S. journalist Evan Gershkovich, suggesting potential prisoner swaps with Germany. Putin criticized Western involvement in Ukraine, pointing out the failure to reach agreements during previous negotiations. The interview served as a platform for Putin to advocate for dialogue over escalating tensions and highlighted his preference for Carlson’s alternative approach to Western media coverage of the conflict.

With U.S. lawmakers debating further aid to Ukraine, Putin’s remarks shed light on Russia’s perspective amid ongoing international discussions. Despite differing views, Putin’s engagement with Carlson signaled a desire to convey Russia’s stance directly to American audiences amidst geopolitical tensions.