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Rare Blue Whale Washes Ashore in Andhra Pradesh’s Srikakulam District

A massive fish, believed to be a Blue Whale, has been found dead on the shores of Meghavaram Beach in Santhabommali Mandal, Andhra Pradesh. Local fishermen are astonished by the rare occurrence, as they claim this species is uncommon in these seas. Speculations suggest that the colossal fish may have perished after straying into shallow waters.

Measuring approximately 25 feet in length and weighing five tonnes, the Blue Whale is recognized as the largest animal on Earth. The discovery of the magnificent creature drew a significant crowd of curious onlookers from nearby villages, with many taking selfies as they marveled at the sight.

This event echoes a similar incident in 2021 when fishermen successfully rescued a whale shark that got entangled in a shore fishing net on Tantadi Beach in Visakhapatnam. The massive whale shark was later guided back to the sea with the assistance of forest department officials, fishermen, and wildlife conservationists, highlighting the efforts made to protect and preserve marine life in the region.