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PWD Adopts Energy Conservation Building Code Rules for Upcoming Projects in Tamil Nadu

In a significant move towards energy conservation, the Public Works Department (PWD) of Tamil Nadu has made a crucial decision to incorporate the Tamil Nadu Energy Conservation Building Code (TNECBC) Rules, 2022, in all its forthcoming building projects across the state. The directive has been issued to various PWD wings, mandating the adoption of these rules in the design phase of the projects.

Developed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the TNECBC sets stringent standards for energy-efficient building design and construction, ensuring compliance with energy performance requirements for different building components. The PWD officials have taken the initiative to adhere to these rules in government buildings as a primary step toward promoting sustainability.

The rules will be applied to both government and private commercial buildings with a connected load of 100 kW, a contract demand of 120-kilovolt ampere, or built-up areas of 2,000 square meters. This progressive step by the PWD is expected to significantly contribute to reducing energy consumption and promoting eco-friendly practices in the construction sector across Tamil Nadu.