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Refugees Caught in Limbo: Sudanese Struggle for Survival in Egypt

Caught between the horrors of civil war in Sudan and the harsh realities of life in Egypt, Sudanese refugees find themselves trapped in a desperate limbo. Fleeing violence and persecution, they sought sanctuary in Egypt, only to be met with dire living conditions and limited opportunities. For single mothers like Rehab, the struggle to provide for their children in a foreign land becomes an agonizing burden.

Despite the initial hope for a better life, the harsh truth of unemployment, inadequate housing, and discrimination shatters their dreams of stability. As Egypt grapples with its economic crisis, refugees face escalating challenges, from soaring rents to growing anti-refugee sentiment. With few options available, many refugees find themselves contemplating a perilous return to a homeland still ravaged by conflict, highlighting the profound humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region.