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Residents Demand Action: Poor Maintenance of Kelageri Lake Sparks Concern

Dharwad residents are expressing frustration over the dismal state of Kelageri Lake, a historic landmark built by Sir M. Visvesvaraya. In a plea to the Deputy Commissioner, they seek the transfer of lake maintenance from the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) to a more capable authority. The lake’s neglect has led to pollution and degradation of its surroundings, with sewage contamination exacerbating the issue.

Residents lament the university’s apparent apathy towards preserving the lake’s ecological integrity. Faced with silt accumulation and invasive water weeds, locals endure foul odors and environmental hazards. The Deputy Commissioner has pledged action, promising joint deliberations with relevant officials to address the pressing concerns. Plans for substantial funding and comprehensive development initiatives offer hope for restoring the lake’s splendor and ensuring its sustainability for future generations.