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Rising Trend of Heinous Crimes by Juveniles Raises Alarms in Karnataka

The state of Karnataka has witnessed a disturbing surge in violent crimes involving juveniles, prompting concerns and calls for preventive measures. In a shocking incident in Kolar district, a 17-year-old, Karthik Singh, was brutally murdered, with the perpetrators sharing a video of the heinous act on social media. The Karnataka Police responded by shooting two juvenile suspects in connection with the case, emphasizing the severity of the crime.

Another tragic incident in Mysuru involved the brutal murder of two elderly guards by a teenager and accomplices, driven by a meager sum of Rs 488 to purchase ganja. Mental health professionals stress the importance of early identification of delinquent tendencies in teenagers and highlight factors like conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorder as key indicators.

Socioeconomic factors and social pressures are also cited as contributing elements, emphasizing the need for community support, free education, and public awareness to address the root causes of juvenile crime in Karnataka.