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Russian Defence Ministry Accuses Ukraine of Foiled Drone Attack in Moscow Region

The Russian Defence Ministry has accused Ukraine of attempting a drone attack in the Moscow region, which they claim to have successfully foiled. In a statement on Telegram, the Ministry revealed that Ukraine sought to carry out a “terrorist attack by unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on facilities in the Moscow region.

” Fortunately, the UAV was destroyed using air defense measures, resulting in no casualties or damage. This incident occurred just five days after drone strikes targeted two buildings in Moscow city, with the Ministry asserting that “two Ukrainian drones” were “suppressed” and “crashed” during the Monday attack.

The situation has escalated tensions further, following an earlier incident on July 23, when Russian missiles severely damaged a historic Orthodox cathedral in the Ukrainian port city of Odesa. This act sparked outrage and led President Volodymyr Zelensky to vow retaliation. The developments are closely being monitored as the region remains on high alert.