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Wildfires in Greece Prompt Evacuation of Air Force Base and Settlements

The ongoing wildfires in Greece have led to the evacuation of an Air Force base in Nea Anchialos and 12 nearby settlements, according to state media reports. The Hellenic Air Force had to relocate its aircraft as a wildfire caused massive explosions at an ammunition depot, damaging buildings and windows in the area. For the past two days, firefighters have been facing tough challenges in the greater Volos region, where the wildfires have been spreading rapidly.

On Thursday alone, 83 new fires were reported across the country, with a total of 124 wildfires currently being battled by firefighters under extremely difficult conditions, as stated by the Fire Brigade. In Rhodes Island, nearly 20,000 people were evacuated over the weekend due to the fires threatening residential areas after destroying forests and farmland.

However, the situation has improved, allowing some tourists and residents of several towns and villages in eastern Rhodes to return to their homes and accommodations. Sadly, the wildfires have resulted in the loss of five lives this week, highlighting the severity of the ongoing crisis.