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Schoolteacher Files Complaint Against Ex-Lover and Associate for Blackmail

A schoolteacher in Karnataka has filed a complaint with the police against her former lover and his associate for blackmailing her with private videos. The accused allegedly demanded that she leave her husband and provide them with Rs 10 lakh to prevent the release of these videos on social media. The victim had known the accused, Abdul Aseem, for seven years but had been married to someone else for two years.

Aseem pressured her to leave her husband and threatened to make her private videos viral if she didn’t comply. He even sent the videos to her husband and family members, along with threats of orchestrating Hindu-Muslim conflict. Aseem and his associate, Mayur, demanded the money, threatening to display banners with the private video footage if she refused. The victim has lodged a complaint with the police, who are now investigating the case.