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Questions Arise Over Delay in Arrest of Lingayat Mutt Seer in BJP MLA Ticket Scam

As the religious seer of Lingayat mutt, Abhinava Halasri remains absconding even 10 days after the arrest of prime accused Chaitra Kundapura in the BJP MLA ticket scam, concerns are emerging regarding the handling of the case by the special wing CCB police. Sources suggest that the seer may be attempting to obtain interim bail, which could become more likely with a delayed arrest.

Questions have arisen about the special wing’s ability to apprehend the seer. Kundapura, while in custody, had stated that the involvement of influential figures in the scam would be revealed if the seer were arrested. Medical reports confirmed Kundapura had no epilepsy symptoms, raising doubts about her hospitalization. Additionally, the police took custody of another accused, Channa Naik, after his media appearance, adding to the scrutiny of the investigation.