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Snakebite Victim Travels 1,300 km from Gujarat to Kanpur for Treatment

A 20-year-old youth named Sunil Kumar, working as a laborer in Rajkot, Gujarat, traveled around 1,300 km from Gujarat to Kanpur for treatment after being bitten by a snake on August 15. Sunil’s condition worsened after being initially treated at a health center in Rajkot, and he became unconscious. Concerned about his health, his family decided to transport him to Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital (LLR) in Kanpur.

They hired an Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance in Gujarat for Rs 51,000 and made the journey to Kanpur. Upon reaching LLR Hospital, Sunil was immediately put on a ventilator, and his treatment began. After dedicated efforts from the doctors, his condition gradually improved, and he was removed from the ventilator support.

Sunil’s recovery was attributed to the timely administration of anti-venom and other medications to counter the neurotoxic effects of snake venom.