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Two Passengers Die and Six Fall Sick on Kota-Patna Express Due to Health Complications

Two passengers have died and six others fell sick due to health complications while traveling on the Kota-Patna Express (13237) from Varanasi to Mathura. The distress call was received by Agra’s railway authorities, prompting medical assistance upon the train’s arrival at Agra Cantt station. The passengers who reported feeling unwell were part of a group led by a team leader from Chhattisgarh.

While the exact cause of their deaths is yet to be determined, initial assessments suggest reasons such as dehydration or food poisoning. One elderly woman had already passed away, and a male passenger lost his life during treatment in Agra.

The group consisted of approximately 90 members, and five critically ill passengers are currently receiving care at the Railway Hospital, with another individual undergoing treatment at the emergency ward of SN Medical College and Hospital in Agra. The identities of the deceased passengers are pending determination by Agra Government Railway Police.