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Software Engineer Loses Over Rs 1 Crore in Matrimonial Cryptocurrency Scam

An Ahmedabad-based software engineer, Kuldeep Patel, fell prey to a cryptocurrency scam, resulting in a loss of more than Rs one crore. Patel encountered the scammer, Aditi, through a matrimonial site, leading to his financial downfall. The ordeal began in June when Patel met Aditi on the matrimonial site. Aditi claimed to be involved in import and export business in the UK and persuaded Patel to invest in ‘Banocoin’ with promises of lucrative returns.

Initially, Patel’s investments seemed profitable, but when he attempted to withdraw Rs 2.59 lakh, he discovered that his account had been frozen. In desperation, Patel reached out to the customer care representative who had initially advised him, only to be told that he needed to invest an additional Rs 35 lakh to unfreeze his account. Realizing he had fallen victim to a scam, Patel reported the incident to the police, and an investigation is underway.