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South Korea to Hold Large-Scale Military Parade to Mark 75th Armed Forces Day Anniversary

South Korea is set to host a major military parade in Seoul, the first in a decade, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Armed Forces Day. The parade, scheduled for September 26, will feature 4,000 troops and over 170 pieces of military equipment, including advanced assets like K2 battle tanks, high-power missiles, and attack drones.

The theme of the event is “strong military, strong security, and peace through strength,” emphasizing the country’s commitment to defending itself and sending a message to North Korea against provocations. The parade will also involve the US military, with over 300 combat troops from the Eighth US Army participating, showcasing the strong alliance between the two nations on their 70th anniversary of partnership.

The event will also include displays of South Korea’s homegrown weapons systems and a large-scale formation flight of various aircraft, emphasizing combined operational capabilities.