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Strategic Success in Chhattisgarh Anti-Maoist Operation

In the recent anti-Maoist operation in Chhattisgarh’s Kanker district, security forces employed tactical adjustments and unconventional routes to yield successful results. Inspector General P. Sundarraj highlighted improved coordination and effective cordon off strategies that minimized risks and inflicted significant damage on alleged Maoist groups.

The operation, involving 180 security personnel from BSF and Bastar Police, strategically cornered Maoists in the hilly terrain of Abujhmad area, a known stronghold of insurgency. By tracking Maoist movements along zig-zag routes, security teams successfully engaged them near Kalpar village, resulting in a gun battle that lasted for hours. Despite challenges in accessing sparsely populated tribal hamlets, security forces maintained constant surveillance, marking a significant blow to the North Bastar division committee.