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Students at NIT Silchar End Hunger Strike After Assurance from Institute Director

Students at NIT Silchar in Assam have concluded their five-day hunger strike after the institute’s director, Professor Dilip Kumar Baidya, assured them that their demands would be considered. The students, numbering around 2000, had gone on a hunger strike, making serious allegations against the Dean of Academics, B.K. Roy, in connection with the suicide of a third-year electrical engineering student named Koj Buker. The director met with the protesters and pledged that Professor Roy would be removed from his position as dean of academics within the next two days, addressing one of their primary demands.

However, the students requested a written statement from the director before ending their strike, emphasizing that no disciplinary action would be taken against students who had protested following Buker’s death. The hunger strike began on September 18 after Buker’s apparent suicide, in which Professor Roy was accused of involvement.